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Recent Character Builds

Below is a list of the most recent character builds. Click on a build name for more information.

  Build Level Author Game
BGTSCC : Darkfire Disciple of Sheela 30 Felicity kaedrin
BGTSCC: Dirza Zau'afin Banite Vengeance 30 Lambert kaedrin
BGTSCC Drow ACDPS 0822v0.1 30 arctic_cold kaedrin
BGTSCC: WoD Ftr Duelist Monk 30 Lambert kaedrin
Ó'Cionga 40 hadyn kaedrin
Power Critical Unarmed 30 ragimund x2
Rodeur evil 2 arme 2 mains 21 Silisteel kaedrin
Rodeur good 2 arme 2 mains 30 Silisteel kaedrin

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