Ooo... shiney!

17th December 2013

Added a funky new pure CSS3 flame animation to the website background (in the brazier to the right) that was created by a good friend of mine. Be sure to check out his other great work at

You'll need a modern browser and a minimum resolution of 1216px to see the effect.

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Quick Fix

12th October 2013

My Builds

- Fixed the 'Make Public' icon and functionality for private builds.

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Builder Update (v2.0.12)

4th October 2013

- Added a new 'My Comments' page so you can see all builds you have posted comments on.
- Added a new 'My Votes' page so you can see all builds that you have voted for.
- Added a new 'Browse All Members' page so you can find builds by a specific member.
- Added a new 'Order by Level' to the browse builds page and extended the options to support both ascending and descending ordering.
- Added a new 'Filter' to the browse builds page so you can hide builds for specific game versions.
- Added the ability to assign builds to Categories to help manage large amounts of builds. The categories are for private grouping only and are not shown to other members.

Member Profile
- Added a new 'Experience' flag to the member profile to help others target their comments relative to the members experience in character building.
- Added new member icons to help quickly identify members in the build and comments areas.
- Added a new option to show build comments from 'oldest to newest' order.
(These new options are accessible via the 'Change Profile Options' dialog from the member drop-down arrow)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the date columns to correctly sort by the date rather than the string equivalent.
- Fixed the WYSIWYG editor Link dialog from displaying under the background.
- Fixed the Stormlord Electrical Resistance to correctly show the 'Electrical' resistance label.

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Builder Update (v2.0.11)

29th September 2013


- Updated Realms of Trinity game files to latest version.

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Builder Update (v2.0.10)

22nd September 2013


- Moved RoT ER's to sit under level 1 so the ability modifications can be used in feat selections prior to level 31.

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Builder Update (v2.0.9)

20th September 2013

Ooo, shinies!


- added new game versions for Realms of Trinity (easy and normal modes).
- added social media sharing to the build pages so you can spam your favourite builds to everyone you've ever met... and their poodles too!

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Builder Update (v2.0.8)

7th September 2013

Hey guys, long time no see! I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news:

- changed all game versions to now support a maximum level of 40
- updated Kaedrin's to his last public release (v1.42.1)
- fixed the skills to correctly apply max level and cost calculations for Tumble and UMD

The bad news:

The costs for maintaining this site continue to grow every few months, and it's getting more and more difficult to handle. Sadly, that means I'm adding a bunch of adverts to the site to try and offset some of the cost. While I think that the ads really destroy the look of the site, I'm hoping that their placement will prompt you guys to check them out and help me keep the site running.

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Website Optimisations

13th October 2012

Hey guys,

Over the past two days I've been moving the site to a new private server to try and combat the constant slowdowns that I'm sure you all familiar with. Everything is now moved and should be returning to normal - though apologies if any of you got randomly logged out during this process, it was unavoidable.

During this migration, I also found a few bottlenecks on the site that also contribute to the slowdowns. These bottlenecks have been patched and should help to speed things up a little.

As a result of one of these changes, there is now a delay of up to five minutes before a published build will be shown in the Recent Builds table on the homepage. The build will be viewable instantly (both by typing in the URL or via Browse/Search builds), but won't appear instantly on the homepage.


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Builder Update (v2.0.7)

10th March 2012

Bug Fixes

- links to the library from the view build page now automatically adjust the library game version
- fixed "undefined" being shown for several (hopefully all) parts of the build outline
- added Eldritch Blast progression (where applicable) for Eldritch Disciple, Mystic Night, Heartwarder, Dragonslayer, Stormsinger, Child of Night and Daggerspell Mage
- Weapon Supremacy and Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting now only apply to the Melee AB score


- the skills view will now show class validation icons for skill requirements only
- removed the automatic alphabetical sorting of skills, added the old "sort" button

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Builder Update (v2.0.6)

9th March 2012


The Export build option seems to fail randomly and I don't know why. I'll try and fix it when I get a chance, but I'm aware of the issue.

Bug Fixes

- added another redirect for old build URL's so they should now be valid again
- fixed Epic Skill Focus feats to apply to the correct skill
- the view build page will no longer count deleted comments in the total comment count
- all BAB, Skill, Spell Level and SAD class requirements should now be calculated based on the previous character level, not the level on which the class is chosen
- CotSF should now correctly receive SR (12 + Character Level)
- skills should no longer wrap around to multiple lines in the builder
- you should now be able to edit build comments directly after posting them
- removed customisation options from Build Export to make it work again - no idea why they are breaking!


- updated Kaedrin's Class Pack to v1.42c
- grouped Epic Skill Focus feats into a single category
- the level adjustment slider can now be minimised (remembered via cookie)

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Builder Update (v2.0.5)

29th February 2012

Bug Fixes

- made the builder work in IE8
- fixed the output order of feats in the build outline

More updates coming soon, a little pressed for time at the moment =)

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Builder Update (v2.0.4)

23rd February 2012

Bug Fixes

- fixed hospitaler casting progression for all divine classes (cleric, druid, paladin, favored soul, spirit shaman)
- fixed a bug that was causing all Kaedrin's prestige classes to use the wrong level for spellcasting progression calculations (i.e. level 5 was reading data for lvl 4 so calcs were off)
- TWD and GTWD no longer stack
- added ruleset for Melee/Ranged Mastery feats
- used ability points should no longer wrongly be available when loading a saved build
- added internal redirect for old build URL's so hopefully no more 404 error pages from links
- resized the builder build info panel to fit on a 1024x768 screen
- fixed the search "min/max build level" so it actually applies to the search (whoops)
- Bardic Knowledge now applies to the Lore calculations (this bug, and the fix, will affect all feats that apply skill gains based on class levels)


- moved the classes string to sit below the build name instead of in the build summary section
- added the ability to login with your username instead of your email (configurable via account options, disabled by default)
- watched build changes now show the number of changes and comments
- added member auto-login script to the "My Builds" and "Watched Builds" pages to allow users to bookmark these pages
- reversed the feat output order so they are correct (i.e. Great STR +1 comes before Great STR +2) [bah, just realised it's not fixed properly... output order is still borked. Will add to the next release]


- Don't try and print the build from within the builder... save it first then use the build view page -- the builder has no print styles and isn't really doable (outside of generating a PDF!)
- If you're using Internet Explorer 7... upgrade or switch browsers (Chrome or Firefox recommended)!

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Builder Update (v2.0.3)

20th February 2012

Bug Fixes:
- Builds with the race "Star or Pained Elf" should now be viewable in the browse build and editable in the builder
- Fixed a bug with animal companions and familiars that was preventing builds from being viewed or loaded once saved
- Fixed the build outline to not show Quick to Master feats for races that don't support it (explains the extra feats some builds had at level 1)

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Welcome to BETA2 =D

19th February 2012

Guess what, a brand new NWN2DB website and builder is here (finally)!

Everything on the site has been re-built from the ground up to try and stop those pesky server crashes! This has been a work in progress for quite some time, but after the initial wave of crashes it became more important to get it finished ASAP - sadly it took much longer than I had originally hoped.

While I didn't get a chance to implement all the new features I originally had planned, there are a few new shiny bits and minor re-works of old bits that hopefully you'll like. These include:

  • Kaedrin's Class Pack - has finally been upgraded to the latest version 1.41.4. I know you guys wanted this ages ago but better late then never right?
  • Dynamic Level Adjustment Slider - lets you dynamically adjust the level of the build (go figure). This means you can now see how the build will look every step of the way. Found a level 30 build but only want to play the OC? Just drag the slider back to 20 and it'll show you how the build will fair.
  • More Build Summary Information - is now shown, including Immunities, Resistances, XP Penalty and ECL. A lot of the existing information now has more detailed drop-downs too.
  • Build Outline Feat Linkage - is a quick little amendment that lets you click on a feat in the outline view to instantly jump to it in the library.
  • Build Sorting - has been added to the browse and search pages allowing you to order the entire results (not just the visible ones) by either Build Name, Votes or Date.
  • In Builder Modifications:
    - grouped feats are now, well "grouped". i.e. "Weapon Focus *" will now be grouped into a single feat which, when clicked, will open a sub-menu selector, keeping the feats list smaller. There is the option to revert back to the old method, but I forgot to add it to the builder options panel so it will come soon.
    - fancy new hover tooltip that will show you the feat information when you hover over them.
    - the ability to "shift-click" on an ability to set that level and all below to the ability.
    - no more background window scrolling when in the feat/class/whatnot selector windows.
    - also, some of you may have figured it out in the old version, but you can actually click and drag classes to re-order them (rather than opening the class selector dialog for each level change). I really should have told you it was there but hey... now you know! I would like to do the same to the feats but there are really big and ugly technical limitations to that one!
  • Delete Account - does pretty much what you think it will do. I never realised before that there was no way to do this without contacting me... now you can; if you really want to.

And of course the return of the much missed "number of votes shown on browse/search pages". I didn't think this feature would be all that missed, but I was wrong =)

Of course, since it's a brand new builder, I took a different approach with the framework and the entire website is now completely reliant on JavaScript. Also, I'll no longer support any version of IE less than version 9 (since IE only makes up 0.7% of the users, that shouldn't be a problem). Basically, don't come complaining if you can't use the website because you have JS turned off or are using IE6 =D

One feature has bitten the dust though - at least for the moment - and that's the build statistics. I'm not sure how heavily they were used but I didn't get around to re-writing it and I don't think it's something we can't live without for a while. It will be back one day though.

I think that pretty much covers it, there are probably other things I forgot to mention but at least you'll get a surprise when you find them. If you find any bugs, let me know and I'll take a look. Now that the big bulk of the work is out of the way, I will have more time to spend on maintenance/minor upgrades.

Play Nice,


Thank god that's done!

I think everything that could have gone wrong did. It's taken me 16 hours to upgrade the site, I started at 7pm last night... it's now 11am! Gawd I'm tired.

If you happen to find any bugs, I don't want to know about them until tomorrow =)

G'night... try not to break things while I'm gone.

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Server Migration

22nd July 2011

Hey guys,

I have no doubt you are all aware that the site has been experiencing some severe problems as of late. As a result I have decided to move the site to a new web server to try and fix the problems. Unfortunately, this means the website is no longer hosted for free, so expect to see some Google adwords appear soon to try and combat the new costs!

I'm pretty sure I have re-configured the site correctly but if you notice something wrong, please let me know.

To try and reduce the chance of this happening again, I have removed a few bits from the site:

1. Popular Tags list on the left menu bar is gone.
2. Total number of Votes is no longer shown on the browse builds page.
3. The Tag Cloud has been removed from the build search.

These bits will be added back in at a later date but for the moment they are causing unnecessary slow-downs of the site. I've also optimised a few things to help with speed; mainly in regards to the browse and search builds pages. The builder itself should be untouched.

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Bug Fixes - 10 June

9th June 2011

1) Builder (Revision 1.20.2)

- Uploaded a new version of the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to be once again compatable with Internet Explorer 9. You should now be able to save builds again and this should also fix any problems posting build comments.


Please note that if you continue to experience problems saving builds in IE9, try clearing out your browser cache and trying again.

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Bug Fixes - 6 February

6th February 2010

1) Builder (Revision 1.20.1)

- Fixed a coding error which was preventing the feats gained from Cleric domains from being used as feat/class requirements, and from not applying the correct summary information. It's amazing what falls over when typing "=" instead of "==". Any build that was experiencing problems relating to Cleric domains (or the feats they provide) will need to be re-saved to update the summary.
- Added +2 Spell Save bonus from the "Mystra's Boon" Harper Agent feat. (re-save)
- Added +2 AB from the "Battle Dancer" feat. (re-save)
- Fixed the problem with the "Alertness" featname not being displayed when selected as a bonus feat (Having a feat with and ID of 0 really gives me a headache!)

2) Member Options

- Added the ability to change your membership Email Address and Password via the Member Options screen.

3) Homepage

- Fixed the build counters so they once again sit on one line (huge update, I know =).

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Patch Notes - 20 January

19th January 2010

1) Builder (Revision 1.20.0)

- Upgraded to Kaedrin's Class Pack version 1.39.5

2) Library

- Fixed entries being displayed as "Bad Strref" in the animal companion and armour library pages.
- Changed the default behaviour when attempting to view a library page for an ID from a different game version.
- Fixed the comparison tables across all library pages to once again accept custom table sorting.

3) Browse Builds

- Updated the build sorting rules to prevent builds that use ' or " characters to appear at the top of the list. These builds will now sit in the appropriate alphabetical position based on their first alpha character.

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Patch Notes - 11 January

11th January 2010

1) Builder

- Upgraded Kaedrin's Class Pack to version 1.39.3
- Changed the builder loading screen to no longer use AJAX calls for the individual data files.

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Patch Notes - 28 December

27th December 2009

1) Builder

- Fixed the requirements validation for the Invisible Blade class so that it now requires the Two-weapon Fighting feat. This fix will be applied to all class requirement 2DA files that use the ORFEAT2 flag (though I think the IB was the only one).
- Removed the validation requirement for the Neverwinter Nine Epithet feat when using the OC game version data.
- Fixed Nature's Warrior to correctly progress in both Ranger and Druid spell casting. (requires re-save)
- Implemented the ability to Undo and Redo any build change (excluding skill point distribution). The system will store up to 100 unique restore points.
- Adjusted the validation hover box to correctly display on-screen for lower level class validation errors.
- Implemented a patch for Bard (Bardic Music), Druid (Wildshape) and Warlock (Invocations) progression for prestige classes such as Canaith Lyrist and Dragonslayer. This patch should now allow, for example, a 10 Bard/ 10 Lyrist to qualify to epic feats such as Chorus of Heroism, as well as increasing the number of Bardic Music/Day. The progression will require the spellcasting class progression feat (i.e. Canaith Lyrist Spellcasting Class (Bard)) before the auto-feats will be applied. (requires re-save)

2) Search Engine

- Fixed the Build Tags list to correctly display all tags in alphabetical order (was displaying in reverse order Z-A).
- Reduced the tag cloud to only show tags that have been tagged against at least 20 builds.

3) Browse Builds

- Reduced the number of build pagination links to a maximum of 17 and introduced a "jump to" box.

4) General

- Added an auto-login attempt (from cookie) to the My Builds page.
- Implemented a Random Build link which will display a random public build.
- Added strict cleaning rules to the build comment system to strip all HTML tags and in-line style elements from posted comments.

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Bug Fixes - 16 December

15th December 2009

1) Builder

- Fixed cleric domain feats so they correctly apply their saving throw bonuses. Already affected builds will require a re-save to update the saves.

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Builds Search Failure

14th November 2009

I have just made a slight change to the build search engine and removed the ability to search by author. This particular query was causing the page to either load only the top banner area of the page, or not load at all. I will try to find a way to add this query back in without it's massive overhead, but for the time being I have just removed it.

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Patch Notes - 9 October

8th October 2009

1) Builder

- Added the ability to empty a feat slot.
- Fixed the Cleric War Domain so that it no longer grants weapon specialization feats when using the Mask of the Betrayer game version.
- Fixed the feat selection list to exclude the Dinosaur Companion feat to first level clerics with the animal domain (feat selection screen comes before the domain selection in-game).

2) Skill Point Distribution

- Fixed the bug that caused the skills drop-down menu to be displayed off screen when there are many skill columns.
- Added the ability to sort skills alphabetically.

3) Search Engine

- Fixed the bug which caused the site to return 0 results when searching by feats.
- Reduced the number of tags shown in the tag cloud. Tags must now be attached to at least 10 builds before they will appear in the cloud.

4) Build Summary

- Added +4 Hide from Small Stature feat.
- Added +4 Use Magic Device from Deceive Item feat.
- Added +2 Lore, +2 Spellcraft from Eldritch Lore feat.
- Changed Elemental Archer Accurate Shot feat to only affect Ranged AB scores.

All build summary changes require a build re-save to update existing builds.

5) Armory

- Moved Falchion, Warmace and Spear to the Two-Handed Weapons list.

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System Upgrade

23rd September 2009

The amount of builds this site now hold was starting to cause havoc on the server, causing it to fall over when trying to search builds, or taking forever to view the browse builds list. I have just performed a structural upgrade to the site which changed the way the build information is stored and access. This should hopefully prevent further memory failures when performing complex searches, and hopefully even speed up the browse builds page.

Apart from a few minor saving changes, the builder engine has not been changed in this upgrade but please keep an eye out for any strange occurrences.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by the website downtime, but this upgrade was a necessity and could not be put off any longer.


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Patch Notes - 17 September

17th September 2009

1) Export Build

- Added the functionality to the Build Summary page to export build information in Excel format.

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Patch Notes - 16 September

15th September 2009

1) Table Sorting

- Implemented a new table sorting library to allow for multiple column sorting (hold down the shift key to sort by multiple columns) and to store the sorting order in a cookie for automatic resorting upon page refreshes. All sortable tables have been updated and support their own unique sorting order. Depending on your web browser, the changes may not become available until after a few page loads (browser may cache the old version).

2) My Builds

- Added a new column to display the game version that the build was created from and reshuffled the columns order slightly.
- Fixed a bug that was displaying the date created rather than the date last updated in the "Updated" column for all Private Builds.

3) Build Statistics

- Split the build statistics sections onto separate pages to prevent page timeouts due to the amount of information that needed to be processed. The statistics will still take some time to load but they should no longer timeout - hopefully.

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Bug Fixes - 15 September

14th September 2009

1) Build Summary

- Fixed Greater Two-Weapon Defense feat to correctly apply Shield AC.
- Fixed Epic Weapon Focus (any ranged weapon) to correctly apply +2 instead of +1 AB.
- Fixed Weapon Mastery (Ranged / Unarmed) to correctly apply their +2 AB.

All above changes require a build re-save to update existing builds.

2) My Builds

- Fixed the "Updated" column to correctly sort builds based on their last updated date.

3) Armory

- Fixed several unescaped HTML characters.

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Patch Notes - 13 September

13th September 2009

1) Builder

- Upgraded Kaedrin's Class Pack to version 1.38.5

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Bug Fixes - 13 September

12th September 2009

1) Build Summary

- Fixed the Attack Bonus feat Swift Surge to reflect it's correct name instead of Thunderstorm.
- Added Tempest Defense AC and AB bonuses to the calculations.
- Fixed Heartwarder and Knight of Tierdrial to correctly continue warlock spell progression.
- Fixed Lyric Thaumaturge to automatically progress in Bard spellcasting.

Please note all above fixes will require a re-save to update existing builds.

2) My Builds

- Changed the My Builds tables to default sorting to build name and allow for table header re-sorting.

3) Library

- Fixed the Unholy Aura spell to reflect it's correct spell description instead of Barkskin.

4) General

- Fixed several spelling mistakes across numerous pages.

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Bug Fixes - 11 August

11th August 2009

1) Build Summary

- Added cleric domain feats back to the build outline Extra column. (requires re-save).
- Fixed the Warrior of Darkness and Anointed Knight classes to calculate their spell resistance based on the character level, not the class level. (requires re-save).

2) Browse Builds

- Fixed the browse by tag list to correctly apply pagination.

3) Library

- Added the ability to choose the highest game version to use when fetching all library information. (requires cookies to be enabled).
- Fixed the weapons page to correctly list spear, falchion and warmace as two-handed weapons.

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Bug Fixes - 8 August

7th August 2009

1) Builder

- Fixed the error which caused the [Red] Dragon Disciple class to prevent the build from being saved or to view the build summary.
- Fixed Kaedrin's Dragon Disciple first level bonus feat list to correctly display the dragon colour selection.

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Bug Fixes - 5 August

4th August 2009

1) Build Summary

- Fixed the build summary outline to correctly display the third bonus feat for the Whirling Dervish class.
- Fixed the ranged AB calculations to not use Wisdom instead of Dexterity if the build has the Intuitive Attack feat. Zen Archery feat will still use Wisdom as expected. (requires re-save)

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Bug Fixes - 4 August (amended)

3rd August 2009

1) Build Summary

- Fixed the error which caused class auto feats to use the incorrect feat name or produce several duplicate feats in the build summary. (requires re-save)
- Added Intuitive Attack to the AB calculations to correctly apply the Wisdom modifier to the AB scores instead of the Strength (if it is heigher).

2) Builder

- Fixed the Holy Warrior feat to correctly pick up on the Cleric War domain. This feat should now be selectable if all requirements are met.
- Added the missing 3rd feat selection for the Whirling Dervish class.
- All races should now be able to select their appropriate deities. Changed the validation message to state "Not available to Race" instead of "Class".
- Added missing auto feats to the ability score and saving throw calculations (i.e. Forest Master - Great Strength I).

3) Library

- Fixed the ' HTML code output displayed in the Backgrounds page for "Ladies' Man" and "Wizard's Apprentice".


2nd Amendments

- Fixed the build summary to once again correctly pick up all racial feats in all calculations.
- Fixed the new races (Painted Elf and Star Elf) so they can now select thier appropriate deities.

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Patch Notes - 4 August

3rd August 2009

1) Kaedrin's Class Pack Integration

- The thing that everybody has been asking for is finally here! You can now create builds for the famous Kaedrin's Class Pack. Simply select the pack from the "Game Version" drop list when starting a new build.

2) Recent Builds

- Modified the "Recent Builds" list displayed on the homepage to no longer show only the 20 most recent builds. It now has three options to show "Today's Builds", "Yesterday's Builds" and "Two Days Ago". These views will show all builds created on those days, regardless of the amount. If you want to see builds created before these dates - use the build search engine =P

3) Website Optimisations

- Started the first of many website optimisations, this one for the "Extended Class Information" data file. Once the implementation of Kaedrin's Class Pack was complete, this file became a huge 1.45mb and really slowed down the builder load time. This file has now been optimised and the filesize has been reduced to around 200kb. More optimisations for other areas will come soon!

4) Print Styles

- I have added a few fixes to the print styles to remove redundant fluff such as the "Start New Build" dialog options. These styles require much more work before they are perfect and it will come in time. I have also been advised that the printing builds from within the builder itself doesn't work correctly - specifically with the skill point distribution. I will work on fixing this soon but it is a rather tricky thing to fix. In the meantime, I suggest only printing builds from the Build Summary page - you get all the same information only in a much nicer format.

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Bug Fixes - 24 July

23rd July 2009

1) Builder

- Fixed the error which caused the builder to crash when selecting casting progression feats for the MotB game version. All prestige classes casting progression should now work correctly.

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Patch Notes - 23 July

22nd July 2009

1) Builder

- Implemented the ability to choose the specific game version to create builds for. Game versions are selected prior to launching the builder but can be changed in-builder via the Options and Utilities menu. Changing game versions will require an engine restart and may prompt the user to change or automatically change certain build data such as classes, race and feats.

2) Search Engine

- Added new search option to limit builds by game version.

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Bug Fixes - 20 July

19th July 2009

1) Build Information and Comments System

- Fixed the styling rules for the build description, pro's, con's and notes as well as the build comment system to correctly apply the underline and strikethrough styling.

2) Build Summary

- Fixed the Weapon Master "Superior Weapon Focus" feat to only apply to the Melee AB scores (requires re-save).

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Patch Notes - 19 July

19th July 2009

1) Build Search

- Added new tag cloud to the build search page for quick tag searching. Only tags with at least 5 builds attached are shown in the cloud.

2) Membership and Login

- Added a "Remember me" option to the member login screen to store member details for automatic future login. (requires JavaScript and Cookies to be enabled).

3) Site Navigation

- Re-ordered the main site navigation into group categories.
- Added top 10 tags to the navigation pane for quick tag searching.

4) Build Statistics

- Implemented a new Build Statistics module which will provide an overview of different build statistics. This page may take a few minutes to load.

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Patch Notes - 17 July

17th July 2009

1) Library

- Added missing Epic Feats (Bane of Enemies, Eldritch Master, Hymn of Requiem, Overwhelming Critical, Song of Requiem).

2) Build Summary

- Fixed a bug which always caused spell resistance to display as 0.
- Added Bardic Knowledge and SToA Reputation feats to the skill point calculations (requires re-save).
- Favored Soul automatic deity weapon feats should now display in the build summary (requires re-save).
- Changed the builder summary window to resize and reposition itself depending on the browser size.

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Patch Notes - 1 July

30th June 2009

1) Custom Level Builds

- Implemented the ability to define the maximum level of a build. This new feature is accessible via the Options & Utilities panel.

2) Build Summary

- Added Arcane Archer Enhanced Arrow feats to the Ranged attack score calculations.

3) Skill Points

- Updated skill points to always provide 1 skill point per level, regardless of a negative intelligence modifier.

4) Search Engine

- Added a new search option to search by minimum and maximum build levels.

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Patch Notes - 27 June

26th June 2009

1) Build Summary

- Extended the skill summary to include a hover menu detailing information about feats, backgrounds and familiars that affect the selected skill.
- Extended the Spells saving throws to include the bonus from the Dwarf race. Provided extended information in a hover menu when applicable.
- Restyled the hover menus for all summary sections.

Please note that the new skill and spell saves information will not be updated until the build has been re-saved.

2) Validation

- Fixed the background validation rules to include the racial ability modifiers when determining minimum and maximum ability scores.

3) Build Comments

- Comments will now only require a negative rating of -3 before they are hidden by default.

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Bug Fixes - 25 June

24th June 2009

1) Build Search Engine

Reworked the search engine code to reduce the amount of memory required during the filter process.

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Bug Fixes - 23 June

23rd June 2009

1) Build Summary

Added error handling to prevent users from trying to view deleted builds by redirecting them back to the browse builds page and providing an appropriate error message.

2) Search Engine

Removed authors that have no published builds from the search by author list.

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Bug Fixes - 21 June

20th June 2009

1) Search Engine

Fixed the build search engine to correctly search for classes (must be, must not be, and minimum level) and return the correct result set.

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Patch Notes - 16 June

16th June 2009

1) Build Tagging

- Added the ability to apply tags to charccter builds. Tags can be selected from an existing tags list or created on-the-fly during building.

2) Build Rating

- Added the ability to flag a build as "I Like It" style rating system. Build summary pages will now display the total number of hits a build gets. You can only rate a build once, you must be logged in, and you cannot rate your own builds.

3) Build Information

- Changed the simple "Build Name and Description" button in the builder to be a more generic "Build Information" button which will now display a larger information window with WYSIWYG editors allowing basic styling of descriptions and notes.
- Added a new panel for managing build tags.

4) Search Engine

- Added new search options for:

  1. Build Author
  2. Number of Votes
  3. Search by Tag

- Added a new "Sort By" section to the search page which allows users to customise the display order of their search results. This defaults to the standard "Name Ascending" option.

5) Print Styles

- Updated the print stylesheet to format the skill point information more printer-friendly on the build summary page.

6) Builder Summary

- Limited the builder summary display to only show the "Build Summary" and "Skill Summary" sections.

7) Skill Point Distribution

- Fixed the issue which caused the skill point display to incorrectly save skill points past certain levels. All saved points should now correctly follow through to all following levels, until they are used.

8) Class Fixes

- Fixed an issue with the Red Dragon Disciple which was causing it's Dragon Ability increases to not count towards feat prerequisites.

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Patch Notes - 12 June

12th June 2009

1) Search Engine

- Added two options to allow searching on date created and date updated.

2) Recent Builds

- Extended the recent builds list on the homepage to show the 20 most recent builds, instead of 10.
- Added table sorting functionality to the recent builds table.

3) Skill Point Distribution

- Fixed the bug which was preventing the Able Learner feat from being correctly applied if it wasn't taken on the first level. It should now affect all levels after the feat was selected.

4) Build Summary

- Fixed a minor styling glitch which cause the Use Magic Device skill to cause alignment issues on the build summary page.

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Patch Notes - 10 June

10th June 2009

1) Skill Point Distribution

- Implemented the ability to define the skill point distribution for a character build.
- Extended the feat and class validation script to include the new skill points in the requirement checking.

2) Build Summary

- Added +1 to all attack rolls from the Small Stature racial feat.
- Added +1 ranged attack rolls from the Good Aim racial feat.
- Added +1/+3 for Stormlord weapon bonuses.
- Added new Skills section to the build summary to display the skill point summary and breakdown.
- Added Tumble to the Armor class (1 point per 10 skill levels).
- Added new Spells Saving Throw based on the Spellcraft skill (1 point per 5 skill levels).
- The Off-hand and Ranged attacks should now be properly affected by the Ranger Combat Styles.

3) Animal Companions and Familiars

- Fixed an issue which prevented the bat familiar and the badger animal companion from being saved to any build.

4) Feats

- Fixed an error which would not allow rangers to select their combat style on level 2.
- Fixed the Red Wizard class to allow them to correctly select bonus feats at all levels.
- Fixed an error which was allowing background and heritage feats to be selected an the incorrect levels.

5) Class Colouring

- Fixed the class row colouring to correctly apply the right colouring to all class levels.

6) Performance and Optimisation

- Implemented a caching module to prevent unnecessary DOM manipulations to the level update script and the skill point distribution screen. This has provided roughly a 60% speed increase the level update script.

7) Browser Specific bugs

- Fixed the race selection box to correctly display all races in Opera browsers.
- Fixed the positioning of the abilities description frame for Opera browsers.

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Patch Notes - 2 June

1st June 2009

1) Build Summary

Fixed the saving throw calculation to correctly apply the Steadfast Determination feat. This was working in the builder, but not the summary.
Removed non-casting classes from the Casting DC list.
Added new extended attack bonus information to separate Melee and Ranged attack scores. The melee scores will also show off-hand attacks (if the build has at least the Two-weapon Fighting Feat).
Included Zen Archery in the ranged attack scores.

Edit: Fixed a bug which caused the summary to calculate incorrect caster and spell levels.

2) Search Engine

Fixed the "have feat" and "not have feat" to correctly inclide the Quick to Master feat.
Added the new search options "Minimum Melee AB", "Minimum Ranged AB", "Minimum Melee Touch AB" and "Minimum Ranged Touch AB".

Please Note: The new search options will not pick up builds which have not been re-saved since this patch.

3) Builder

Modified the builder to add the necessary storage structure to support multiple bonus feats. This was needed specifically for the Warlock energy resistance feats.

4) Validation

Updated the sneak attack validation requirement to accept the sneak attack dice from Invisible Blade and Neverwinter Nine classes.

5) Print Styles

Adjusted the print style sheet to remove background colours and images from the build summary page, making it more printer friendly.

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Patch Notes - 1 June

31st May 2009

1) Watch List

Implemented a member watch list which provides in-system notifications when the build is updated or when new comments are posted.

2) Search Engine

Fixed the "must have feat" and "must not have feat" searches to be inclusive and show builds which match all parameters only.

EDIT: 3) Hit Point Calculations

Fixed the hit point calculations to correctly apply constitution changes retroactively.

Please Note: Any build which has a change to its constitution modifier either by ability score, feats or classes (such as RDD) will most likely have incorrect hit points. This can be fixed by re-saving the build.

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Patch Notes - 31 May

31st May 2009

1) Build Comment System

Implemented the build comment system to allow members to post constructive comments and advice about character builds. This system also supports comment rating and reporting.

2) Search Engine

Implemented a basic and advanced build search engine.

The basic search engine will search build names, descriptions and notes for specific keywords.
The advanced search engine allows users to create a customised search ruleset ranging from a simple one parameter check to a complex targeted search.

Search results are remembered even when moving between pages and can be reset from the search page or the builds list.

Please note that any build which contains one or more Warlock levels will need to be re-saved in order to be picked up in the search results for Invocation Caster Level and Invocation Grade.

3) Build List Pagination

Added pagination to the browse builds and search results lists to limit the number of builds displayed per page. The amount of builds displayed is customisable in the member options panel.

4) Internet Explorer Check

Added an option to force the builder to load if the system wrongly detects the use of IE6.

5) Styling and Formatting

Fixed numerous styling and formatting glitches across all web browsers affecting both the builder and public pages.

6) Membership

Added a basic options panel which allows members to customise certain aspects of their account.
Added a Forgot Your Password link to the member login screen. Previously this was only accessible from inside the builder.

7) Spellcasting

Fixed the Favored Soul and Spirit Shaman spell DC calculations to use the correct ability modifiers.

8) Classes

Favored Soul should now be able to select their energy resistance and damage reduction feats on the appropriate levels.

9) Feats

Cleric domain feats should now be correctly applying to class requirements and feat pre-requisite checks.

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Bug Fixes - 27 May

26th May 2009

Gawd, what a nightmare! I had a bunch of fixes ready to go yesterday and after testing them on my local machine for some time, I didn't find any bugs so I went ahead and uploaded. No sooner had I uploaded and I found quite a large bug while updating my own builds which caused the builder to fail when trying to save builds.

Luckily the bug was a very limited case - it would only happen if you had more levels of Doomguide than the base divine class (Clr, FS, SS). Ironically it was caused by another inconsistency from the Bioware developers. For some unknown reason they decided to make the Doomguide class slightly different from all other spellcasting prestige classes. I swear they are out to drive me insane!

Anyway, on to the actual bug fixes.

Patch Notes:

1) Email Address Validation

Members should no longer get an error message when attempting to sign up with capital letters in their email address.

2) Spellcasting

Revisited the Spellcasting Level/DC calculations again, hopefully it should be right now.. maybe? (requires build re-save)
Fixed the Doomguide class to correctly apply spellcasting progression to the chosen base class.

3) Racial Feats

Yuan-Ti Pureblood should now have their racial +1 bonus to Natural AC.

4) Feats

Steadfast Determination should now correctly use the Constitution modifier rather than Wisdom for Will saving throws.
Builds should no longer be able to select feats which are not normally available to them (i.e. Daylight Adaptation, Extended Rage, etc).
Spellcasting classes should now include the Practiced Spellcaster feat when checking for caster level requirements.

5) Warlock

Warlock should now be able to select spellcasting feats such as Spell Penetration provided they meat all the necessary requirements.
Extended the build summary to list Invoker Level and Invocation Level for warlock builds (requires build re-save).

Please Note: I have been advised that the warlock class currently cannot select their Energy Resistance feats at level 10/20/30. This fix (as simple as it may seam) will actually require a large rework of the bonus feats system so it is not something that I can throw together quickly.

6) General

Fixed the "Last Update" date in the My Builds list to correctly reflect the date of last update, not the date created.

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Bug Fixes - 25 May

24th May 2009

Well, the next batch of bug fixes are now live. I had a little bit of drama after uploading them and introduced a small bug with Red Wizard which would show the validation error saying "Race Required - ". I uploaded a fix pretty quickly so hopefully nobody saw it :p

Thanks again to everyone who has provided feedback and bug reports (both through the website and the forums). Your information has been invaluable.

Patch Notes:

1) Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Fixed several spelling mistakes on the builder page. Ironically I misspelled Intelligence several times =/

2) Racial Feat Fixes

The Deep Gnome feat Durability wasn't being included in the saving throws calculations.
The Deep Gnome feat Slippery Defense wasn't being included in the armor calculations.
The Small Stature feat wasn't being included in the armor calculations.

UPDATE: Fixed the Deep Gnome Durability feat so that it only applies on the first level (was giving a +2 to all saves at every level... nasty!).

3) Cleric Domains

The weapon proficiency and weapon focus feats weren't being included in the pre-requisites check for classes and feats.

4) Skill Points

Corrected error with the skill point calculation for the feat selection. You should now not be able to select feats such as Automatic Still Spell before you would have enough skill points (i.e. level 24).

5) Spellcasting

Fixed the calculations used to determine the spellcasting DC to correctly apply epic caster levels (i.e. +1 DC every 3rd level after 20).
Fixed the Practiced Spellcaster feat so it adds the correct levels. (i.e. Wiz (30) = caster level of 30 | Wiz (20), ASoC (10) = caster level of 34).

6) Base Classes

Fixed the summary script to use the base class with the most levels as the builds base class.

Please Note: In order for the base class changes to take effect on your builds, you will need to open them in the builder and re-save them (you do not need to change anything). In the future I will write an automated script to handle this, but that will be a big and nasty script, so for now this is the easiest approach. If you build is currently displaying the correct base class, you do not need to re-save it.

7) Class Racial Requirements

Fixed the racial pre-requisite check to correctly search for any race pre-requisite. (i.e. Arcane Archer should be selectable by any Elf of Half-Elf race. It was previously only checking for the one race - in this case Half-Elf).

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Upload Dramas

23rd May 2009

I finally got to a point where I was happy to upload the website and let people start playing with it. I estimated about one hour total for uploading and configuring... seven hours later, the site is finally live.

It just seemed to be one drama after another last night. It took me about an hour and a half just to configure the PHP CGI instance - that is just ridiculous! The website would just keep on returning the ever so helpful error of "Internal Error" - who ever wrong that line should be fired, they could at least provide more information about what the "Internal Error" was.

Anyway, I finally got it all configured and working, uploaded the 50mb database (which also took forever) and the site was finally running. Only then did I realise that thanks to Bioware's inconsistencies, none of the icons would show up, and the references to the 2DA files were all invalid as they like to store filenames in uppercase in their files - meanwhile the actual files they are pointing to are in a number of different cases - some lower case, some camel case and others are just random. This caused a major problem since the website is hosted on a Unix system which is very specific about filename casing.

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Website Launch!

22nd May 2009

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

This site has been something that I have wanted to create for the past couple of years, but only recently did I find the right approach to making it work. I have started the project about five or six times in the past but every attempt had a major structure or coding flaw which I couldn't find a way around.

While the site still has major room for improvement and I would like to perform some more optimisation tweaks on the builder itself, it has become more than what I had originally intended it to be. That being said, I did have to make some compromises on the way things work and the logic workflow to make it usable in the web environment - and make sure it works in the important web browsers.

Though coding this website was, for the majority of the time, fun; it has not been the best for my sanity. There has been many times where I have nearly thrown my keyboard out the window in frustration - mainly due to the complete inconsistencies of the Bioware developers who like to randomly change the way data is stored on a per file basis. Don't get me wrong, I love the team at Bioware for creating this game, but c'mon people... consistency FTW!

During the beta stage of the website, all bug reports and feedback are important (including constructive criticism). If you have anything to say about the website, I would be eager to hear it.

Thanks again, and happy building!

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Future Developments

22nd May 2009

Listed below are the ideas and extensions that I have planned for the website. I will add and remove items and I think of or integrate them. If you have any suggestions for other extensions or concepts, I would be eager to hear about them.

  • Modify Skills - (Implemented 10th June).
  • Outfitter - would allow builders to define one or more armor sets for their builds, providing much more accurate information on the build summary pages (i.e at the moment the summary stats always treat your character as having the weapon in which they have chosen feats such as "Weapon Focus: Longsword"). This would also allow people to see the differences between the naked build stats, and what the differences would be between a low and high magic world.
  • Custom Armor Sets - would work on the Outfitter engine but instead of outfitting a single build, you could create armor sets that you could test on your own or other people's builds. For example, you might create an armor set that you use on most melee type builds and you think that it would work better than the one a specific build author has created, you could then tell the summary to use your own custom armor set to see how the build would work for you.
  • Choose Game Data Version - (Implemented 23rd July)
  • Custom Build Max Level - (Implemented 1st July)
  • Build Search Engine - (Implemented 1st June)
  • Character Import Script - would allow people to upload the player.bic file (I think that's the one, from memory) and have the builder extract the information from that, allowing them to share a build that they have created in-game. This would also prove useful for tweaking a build you are currently playing with and choosing a direction you would like to take it - not all builds created in the system need to be made public, you can have an unlimited amount of private builds.
  • Character Export Script - is a little bit trickier than the import script. My idea is that you could find a build that you like and run an export script which would create a script file you can run in-game to automatically create the character with all its feats and abilities. This would allow for people to test the build in-game without having to go through every level up page or using countless console commands. I haven't investigated this one extensivly yet so if anybody can provide any information about writing a script in this manner, it would be a great help.

If you can think of any other improvement you think would benefit yourself or others, drop it in a quick feedback post and, if it is doable, I will add it to the list.