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Recent Character Builds

Below is a list of the most recent character builds. Click on a build name for more information.

  Build Level Author Game
Spirit Shaman
Battleshaman of Talos 20 MaoOn x2
BGSC -Yoda 30 snatesilver kaedrin
BGTSCC : Brutish Assassin 30 Valefort kaedrin
BGTSCC: Bloody Sorcmage 30 Valefort kaedrin
Dancing Queen 30 Telamont kaedrin
Hunter of the Mists - Champion of Kelemvor (Ravenloft) 20 MaoOn x2
Hurp de Derppe 30 Throckmorton J Wooshapon kaedrin
Samourai 30 Dunaria kaedrin
Tappeur 30 Dunaria kaedrin
Spirit Shaman
What's the frequency, Zenneth? 20 t3mp35t x2
Yardstick K-paladin 30 Desmond kaedrin
Spirit Shaman
Zozi 18 lilitu kaedrin

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