Craft Armor

Ability: Intelligence.

Requires Training: No.

Classes: All.

The character knows how to craft armor and shields from a variety of materials.

Using Craft Armor requires an anvil and a Smith's Hammer, in addition to the appropriate materials (metal ingots, wooden planks, and/or leather hides) and a mold for the desired armor or shield. The character places all components, including the mold, in the anvil's inventory, then uses the Smith's Hammer's special ability on the anvil. If the character has enough ranks in Craft Armor, the new item is created. The mold for each specific armor or shield lists which materials that item requires. The base skill requirement for crafting a suit of armor or a shield is equal to the armor bonus that item provides. For example, a breastplate provides a +5 armor bonus to AC, so the character must have 5 ranks of Craft Armor to craft a breastplate.

Armor and shields can be crafted from basic materials (iron, wood, or leather), or from more exotic components, such as mithral or wyvern hide. Exotic materials increase the skill requirement to craft the item, but also provide additional benefits.

Iron: No modifier

Leather: No modifier

Darksteel: +10 ranks

Duskwood: +5 ranks

Mithral: +10 ranks

Zalantar: +10 ranks

Salamander Hide: +12 ranks

Adamantine: +15 ranks

Umber Hulk Hide: +17 ranks

Wyvern Hide: +20 ranks

Red Dragon Hide: +23 ranks

Note that in order to create a suit of armor or shield out of an exotic material, all the materials used to craft that armor must be of the same type. For example, crafting a suit of full plate requires four metal ingots. In order to create a suit of adamantine full plate, four adamantine ingots must be used. Alloying such exotic materials is beyond even the greatest smiths.

Use: Selected.