Ethereal Visage

Caster Level(s): Bard 5, Wizard / Sorcerer 6
Innate Level: 5
School: Illusion
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Personal
Area of Effect / Target: Caster
Duration: 6 seconds / level
Save: Harmless
Spell Resistance: No

You are surrounded by a ghostly nimbus of light that grants damage reduction 20/magic, prevents all spells of level 2 or lower from affecting you and provides concealment.

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Ray of Enfeeblement

Caster Level(s): Wizard / Sorcerer 1
Innate Level: 1
School: Necromancy
Descriptor(s): Death
Component(s): Somatic
Range: Short
Area of Effect / Target: Single
Duration: 6 seconds / Level
Save: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

The target creature takes 1d6+1 Strength damage per 2 caster levels, to a maximum of 1d6+5 damage.